Our project file went from this: to this: The next thing I needed to do was to remove a file that we had in our solution which was forcing the use of a specific SDK version; in our case 1.0.1.

updating gridview in asp net 2 0-84

Microsoft have adjusted quite a few things regarding the Identity models and authentication.

These changes did require some fixes and restructuring of our code to comply with the new model.

To account for this change I updated our Configure Services method to use the new Add Authentication extension method on the IService Collection.

This also includes extension methods on the returned Authentication Builder which we can use to add and configure the additional authentication providers.

We conditionally register our providers only if the application configuration includes the required App / Client Id for each provider.

We do this with multiple, optional calls to the Add Authentication method.

I would use this code to ensure I had fully replicated the required setup before removing it.

We used this code to conditionally “use” the various 3rd party login providers within our project; for example – Use Facebook Authentication. NET Core 2.0 is that third party login providers are now configured when registering the Authentication services and are no longer added as individual middleware components.

I’ve checked and this is a safe approach to meet this requirement.

At this point I could replicate the 3rd party authentication configuration that we had previously setup using the Use XYZAuthentication IApplication Builder extensions. NET Core MVC template) had a dependency on IOptions to get the External Cookie Authentication Scheme name. This has been renamed to Remote Failure Context in ASP. Another change as part of Identity 2.0 is that the Claims, Roles and Login navigation properties which we made use of have been removed from the base Identity User class.

In 1.1.0 Microsoft added an additional result type of Accepted Result (the issue is available here) and a helper method on Controller Base to easily return this result. This meant we had to update code which was calling Trim on it to first call To String on the String Segment value.