To help you preserve your data and revive your old Samsung Galaxy phone to its former glory, here’s how you can use Kies as your Samsung update software: As mentioned earlier, the official Samsung mobile update software is not only available for Windows PC, but for Apple’s Mac OS X operating system as well.

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It’s very easy to update your phone using it and probably the most common way to get the Samsung mobile software update.

Since it doesn’t require you to fidget around with the firmware and lets you automate the entire process, just follow this guide to see exactly how to update Samsung mobile software using Kies.

Once again, our device should appear on the upper left side of the window, like in the example below. Look for the “Firmware Information” button right below the mock-icon for your device – if there are any new updates available, the message “New Firmware is Available” should be displayed on the screen.

If it is shown, go ahead and press the “Firmware Upgrade” button.

Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet before you begin the process.

The Samsung Kies software will now connect to the network and download the compatible update file for your device.While you can establish a wireless connection between the device and the computer using Kies, updating the device wirelessly is not supported yet.Before doing an update, it’s recommended to do a backup of your data. Save all your photos and videos before you update using Kies Samsung update software using the “Back up/Restore” menu.The backup process will begin and you will be able to see the selected content being backed up to the computer as it happens.Once the process is finished, press the “Complete” button and move to software update Samsung with Kies. A new window should appear on the right side of Kies with all the details regarding your connected Samsung Galaxy device.Enabling mobile devices to connect to the computer via USB or wirelessly, Kies is the old-timer software that has been supporting devices since Android 2.1 version.