NAICS 2017 created 21 new industries by reclassifying, combining, or splitting 29 existing industries under changes made to NAICS in 2012 (NAICS 2012).

SBA’s size standards for these 21 new industries result in an increase to size standards for six NAICS 2012 industries and part of one industry, a decrease to size standards for two, a change in the size standards measure from average annual receipts to number of employees for one, and no change in size standards for twenty industries and part of one industry.

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Once the revised methodology is finalized, SBA will start reviewing the size standards and issuing proposed rules for comments.

For more details, interested parties are advised to contact SBA’s Office of Size Standards at [email protected] 202-205-6618.

You may also review the proposed rule together with all of the public comments by going to Specifically, the Jobs Act required SBA to review at least one-third of all size standards during every 18-month period from the date of its enactment and to review all size standards not less frequently than once every five years, thereafter.

The proposed rule and the comments are included in the same docket. Congress enacted the Small Business Jobs Act (Jobs Act). SBA has completed the first five-year review of all size standards.

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Specifically, the report (see below) provides an overview of SBA’s “Size Standards Methodology,” including industry and Federal contracting factors and data sources the Agency evaluated when reviewing size standards.

Also included in the report is information on the order in which SBA reviewed size standards in various North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) sectors, number of size standards that were reviewed and revised in each sector, size standards of high public interest and concerns, and impacts of size standard revisions.

SBA proposes to adopt the updated table of size standards, effective October 1, 2017.

If you would like to submit comments on SBA’s proposed rule, identify them by RIN 3245–AG84.

The proposed rule explains how to submit your comments to SBA.