Shea Mc Clellan despite his lack of talent, is not an OLB anymore, that was made official at the beginning of the preseason.

SKA and Salavat Yulaev are the first two teams through with a few more looming on game 3. SKA was the first beta team created and a few demo games have been uploaded to our youtube channel for your viewing pleasure. On a side note to that, it's come to my attention that custom rosters cannot be exported in NHL 17 (that is just fuckin crap). After all the testing and corrections are done, it will be posted under our downloads page. If your confused, those are the names that the announcers use in game. However, that is no longer possible as choosing that option forces the game to choose "undefined" as an error code and removes the teams name and then it choose a random one that is ALWAYS inappropriate. After that happens, the name can no longer be changed in game and to correct that you have to literally make the team over again.

For simply playing vs games, everything is perfect.

The roster doesn't even include the undrafted FAs that actually made the team and that Tim Jennings is STILL on the team when he's been cut for a week now.

The players are also listed under the wrong positions.

Beyond that, the last 5-10 roster slots for nearly every team are fluid, particularly right after the 53 man cuts.

The Bears for instance signed Patrick Omameh off Waivers the day after the 53 man cuts.SUBNOTE: If anyone reading this can convert NHL Legacy Roster files from PS3 to XBOX-360, please contact me via the forum and I will send you the final roster build to convert for the many fans that have patiently waited for this. The final cuts were made on Saturday, September 5th, but the Chicago Bears roster has NOT been fixed and the roster update button shows that all rosters are up to date now. Download Link will be back soon currently updating. My investment in this game is now time not monetary. I'll be releasing another roster again gratis- all the roster moves complete and top 15 NHL rookies added.* Correct NHL Rosters * Correct Lineups * Winnipeg Jets and Arizona Coyotes added to the game. As everyone else has asked I'm am charging this year to raise money for my one year old sons future as to what base I used it was a long time ago and don't remember what was used to start the project, and as far as draft classes those are not done the nhl rosters are accurate the Ahl is prolly out of date havnt touched these since before the playoffs, everything was accurate up til then I currently have the link down cause I'm doing some updates will be back maybe day one of free agency __________________ Follow or message me on twitter and Facebook @Goatrosters!I guarantee they will have an update before the regular season kicks off. I googled this issue and I found this post to see when the updates are coming.