If any dependencies of the package (or packages) you update have updates available themselves, then they are updated too.

Finished Dependency Resolution Dependencies Resolved =========================================================================== Package Arch Version Repository Size =========================================================================== Updating: udev x86_64 147-2.15.el6 rhel 337 k Transaction Summary =========================================================================== Install 0 Package(s) Upgrade 1 Package(s) Total download size: 337 k Is this ok [y/N]:, which Yum uses to perform changes to the system, provides a mechanism for ensuring their integrity.

The way to use this web service, is to first obtain a Session ID.

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Yum performs automatic dependency resolution on packages you are updating, installing, or removing, and thus is able to automatically determine, fetch, and install all available dependent packages.

The following sections assume your system was registered with Red Hat Subscription Management during installation as described in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 Installation Guide.

My recommendation is the Metro Studio Sync Fusion desktop app.

Download the app by signing up for a free account at Syncfusion. You would be presented with a big number of categorised icons.

One of the lesser known pieces of functionality, is the Excel Services web service.

More information on it can be found here : this is an ASMX web service, it can be called from Nintex Workflow using the Call Web Service action.

On Windows Vista and later, will check by default if it runs with administrative privileges and, if not, will try to elevate the process.

If you want to avoid this behaviour and install under an unprivileged account just for your own usage, run it is not as full-featured as those packages.

Notice that at the bottom of the action configuration is the Web Service Output.

The "Specify Elements" needs to be checked, and then it's possible to select the appropriate XML node.

Be advised that this will download and install tens of gigabytes of files to your computer.