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We’ve avoided listing all the most obvious controls (you’re not idiots, right?

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), but if you’ve got a Sky Q trick that we’ve missed out, let us know in the comments section down the bottom.

For that true cinema experience in your home, you’ll want to a) draw the curtains, b) dim the lights and c) pour coke all over the carpets.

Handily, Sky’s set this up with a picture-in-picture view, letting you see in real-time if your tweaks have fixed the problem. ” button on the bottom of the remote while watching a show and the options will appear onscreen.

It’s hidden away, but getting subtitles to show up in Sky Q is actually incredibly quick and easy when you know how. No faff with this one – the “Sky” button at the top of the remote brings you straight to your recordings from anywhere in the Sky Q interface.

You’ll then always get the highest-quality recording of on-demand content available saved to your box. Sky’s let you you look at photos on your TV through the Sky box before, so long as they’re saved to your phone first. You’ll then need to visit, which will talk you through syncing your box to your Facebook account, which requires a pairing code that your Sky Q box will generate.

You’ll then be able to access all your Facebook photos through Sky Q, separated into their appropriate album structures, and even set them up to scroll through as an auto-playing gallery. Go to Settings Remote control, and then pick the appropriate Sky Q remote you’re currently using.

You may initially notice that the Sky Q box can have some problems syncing up words with mouth movements, a lip-sync problem that makes everyone look like ventriloquist’s dummies.

You can fix this by heading into the menu and going to Settings Audio Visual and then tweaking the “Digital audio output delay” setting, ramping up or down the number of milliseconds between the audio and visual signals being sent from your box.

Either that or bung it around the back of the telly or put some tape over it.

Sky Q Touch Remote lost in the depths of a toybox or down the back of the sofa? Head over to your Sky Q box, hit the glowing Q symbol and it’ll send out a signal causing your Touch Remote to beep, helping you track it down. You may find that your main Sky Q box may struggle to find a satellite signal when it wakes from sleep overnight, preventing you from watching anything on the telly.

Points a) and c) are easy enough, but with Sky Q, dimming the lights is a little harder because of its constantly glowing blue status light around the front.