Instead, In Design links are pointers to assets that are local (on the physical drive of the computer running In Design) or available across the local network (via a network share).A simple plug-in (our Silicon Connector) can bring In Design into the modern age, where true URLs enable cloud-based workflows, but we'll get to that later.However, snippets themselves can contain links to images or any of the flavors of text content mentioned above.

In Design will let you integrate content from Word or RTF.

As with text, these can be imported, or they can be linked.

Adobe In Design is the tool of choice for page layout, yet it is a relatively old piece of software, originating in the late 1990s.

While In Design has a concept of "links", its initial approach to graphic references was fundamentally that of desktop software prior to the age of the world wide web.

VoilĂ , you are maintaining content in one place, and generating print and web output from a single source.

I have seen miracles achieved with In Design tagged text.

The default behavior of In Design's management of Word content can work well, if your Word authors follow established processes (such as using styles).

But the more random the source of Word content, the less perfect the conversion tends to be.

For example, I know of a small newspaper that maintains all of their content in Word Press, then scripts the transformation from HTML to tagged text, thus publishing to both web and high-quality print from a single source.