For example, a caller looking for a coffee shop will probably want one within walking distance.

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Multimedia-based search will be prevalent as a hybrid form of both "voice-based" and "screen-based" search that will establish a time-memory tradeoff in the implementation process of fast-evolving mobile equipment.

Mobile search content may include more location-based and more street-smart information on businesses, products, services, events, human relations and other local specifics,which require immediacy and spontaneity.

Besides, the location-based content may be formulated by accumulative data mining on consumer behaviors and whereabouts, which may trigger privacy concerns,commercial come-ons and, if necessary, some legislative justifications.

A search for businesses is the mobile equivalent of the printed Yellow Pages, but the search may focus on a small geographical area.

As a consequence, there is a gap in this opportunity that can be cleverly addressed by mobile operators and service providers with access to the SS7 layer.

Mobile local search may be screen-based using the keypad and display on the mobile device, or voice-based using spoken commands that are interpreted by a speech recognition application.

Mobile local search is the search and discovery of persons, places, and things within an identifiable space defined by distinct parameters. Today they include social networks, individuals, cities, neighborhoods, landmarks, and actions that are relevant to the searcher’s past, current, and future location.

These parameters provide structure to vertically deep and horizontally broad data categories that can stand-alone or are combined to comprise searchable directories.

Mobile local search involves in some cases GPS tracking, which, without prior consent, may cause privacy concerns.

Furthermore, recent surveys expect merely 10% of mobile devices worldwide to be equipped with GPS chips in 2011.

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