More accurately called Futuro Houses these 20th Century prefabricated homes are often referred to as "UFO Houses".I first came across the Futuro House around July 2011 right after I had started the architecture blog "Strange, Weird, Wonderful & Cool Buildings" and the Futuro House located in Royse City, TX, USA became the subject of one of my early posts [Image left by Runder] As time passed I became more and more immersed in researching the Futuro House both from a historical and a current perspective.Check it out below: \r\n\r\n Foray would continue to reprise these roles many times over the years, including in 2000\u0027s The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle, a live-action\/animation hybrid movie.","height":1407,"width":2500,"url":" Url":" Television Distribution","object Relation Name":"The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show","object Relation Url":"\/tv\/the-rocky-and-bullwinkle-show","album Name":"June Foray\u0027s 11 Most Memorable Voice-Acting Roles","relative Position":"05","album Total Count":12},,,,,,,]' data-ads-disabled='false' data-ad-frequency='5' data-image-size='1280w' Even this slideshow barely scratches the surface of Foray's prolific voice-acting career, not to mention her many live-action roles and her radio and record album performances. Let us know your favorite June Foray characters in the comments below.

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It's a sad day for the pop culture world, as legendary voice actress June Foray has passed away.

Earlier this year, Midtown Fellowship won a special exception and variances from the Metro Board of Zoning Appeals that allows the church to add a 400-seat, 12,000-square-foot structure on a portion of the property.

A decline in membership apparently led First United Church to pursue selling the nearly 2.5-acre site at the corner of Granny White Pike and Noelton Avenue.

The property is the first location owned by Midtown Fellowship, which operates four Nashville campuses in rented space in 12South, Crieve Hall, East Nashville and downtown at the Rocketown facility.“A lot of our people live in that neighborhood and that community, so creating a worship place for them is important for us,” senior pastor Randy Draughon said about the Granny White Pike area in an interview three months ago.

“We’re a church that wants to be in, of and for the community.”On Thursday, Draughon said a fundraising campaign is underway with the first stage of the planned project to involve renovating and updating the existing space at the Granny White Pike location."I’m sure it will take us much longer to raise the funds to build the new addition," he said.

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Fast-growing, multi-location church Midtown Fellowship has paid .5 million for the former home of First United Church at 3410 Granny White Pike.

Census Bureau show the Nashville metro statistical area added 36,337 people during the one-year stretch that ended July 1, 2016, meaning the region grew by an average of 100 people a day over those 12 months.

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