Option 5: a user may request Alerts and Other updates, which means that a Text Tracking message will be sent to the user's mobile device for each Delivery Exception type event on the package.

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If you send a "STOP" request to 2USPS, you will need to opt-in again prior to participating in USPS Text Tracking.

Additionally, if you make your request via usps.com, you will be required to reply "YES" to a welcome message to confirm that you do, in fact, want to participate.

USPS will respond to your quiet time request with "USPS Text Tracking, Quiet Time Enabled". To remove the quiet time preference at any time, even during the standard Quiet Time hours mentioned above, text "Awake" to 28777 (2USPS).

USPS will respond to your request with "USPS Text Tracking, Quiet Time Disabled". Mobile device initiated request: when a customer requests Text Tracking via their mobile device, USPS will provide a single text response with the latest tracking activity for the package.

At this time, USPS Text Tracking is available to customers with a United States based phone number using the phone in the United States, or who have a United States based phone number and obtain roaming coverage to use abroad.

In early 2015, USPS added this feature for customers with a Canadian based phone number as well.

USPS plans to support Text Tracking for additional international users with future enhancements.

To participate in Text Tracking, you do not need a account.

You may text "STOP" along with a specific tracking number to stop Text Tracking responses for that number only as mentioned in the "How do I use keywords? You may call this phone number to obtain additional information on USPS Text Tracking: 1-800-222-1811.