For , Xbox 360 owners get Half-Life 2, Episodes 1 & 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2.

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for that console next year: they’ve baked Steam Works right in, which means they’ll get the same updates as PC and Mac owners.

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When asked about the Xbox 360 exclusive zombie shooter , EA did the PS3 version.

They're interested in getting a PS3 version done.

We just have to figure out where the resources can come from.

Way back in the day, when we first shipped Team Fortress 2 as part of The Orange Box, we'd always planned on it being an ongoing project.Patches to the game are deployed to Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux platforms via Steam, and must be downloaded and applied before the game can be launched.While all three of these platforms retain the same codebase and any updates are released to both simultaneously, the version of the game on Xbox 360 platform is separate and does not receive frequent updates, due to restrictions imposed on game developers by Microsoft.Content packs are smaller updates that feature new content additions usually as promotional material for other games or events.Updates containing community-contributed items submitted via the former contribution page (now replaced by the Steam Workshop) have also been released as content packs.That changed when we were given a very brief playtest with TF2.