Commercials are typically Tim and Eric's best stuff, dating back to their days, and this one is among their oddest.

We then get "Crystal Shyps," a sci-fi TV show that has some kind of weird alien dueling people in a ridiculously low-budget movie.

What was it like to get back together for this tour? And now Aziz and I are like best buds, and we’re doing a lot of projects together.

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" for no apparent reason, running into each other headfirst in a parking lot, and then vomiting what looks to be raspberry yogurt all over each other.

If you're looking for , clearly you've surfed out of your TV comfort zone.

It’s a totally different kind of process than making TV.

But Tim and I both grew up as musicians and performing [live] is always something we’ve loved to do.

"I'd like to take you home and snack on you tonight," Tim says. " After he calls her a cow, we then see that Carol (who weighs 300 pounds) was dreaming - the whole skit becomes an excuse for Eric, dressed as a woman, to work out in various leotards.

Next is an ad for T'ird, a toy that I know I'd love to have.

So this year, we just kind of felt that we had something to say. is that we try to present it in this special way, to the best of our abilities, and then it falls apart, instantly.

Literally, it’s a train wreck, and then within that train wreck is where we find the comedy.

You don’t HAVE to date someone ONLY because you like them as a person.