That way you will be able to locate your drivers easily.

Finally, there is a last resort for users that didn’t manage to fix their Windows Taskbar issues and that is creating a new user account.

vista taskbar clock stopped updating-20

(This also works with Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP) In this tutorial, you will find the solution to known problems that the Windows Taskbar encounters over time.

Whether it is missing functionality such as the clock in the bottom right tray or unclickable icons, you can fix it in no time.

In addition, this solution applies to an annoying issue that disables the auto-hide functionality of the Windows 10 Taskbar.

Note, however, that an app may be the reason that your Taskbar doesn’t retract.

Five Internet Explorer windows, for example, can be kept together in one icon when taskbar grouping is enabled.

Taskbar grouping might be handy for some but for most it's just an annoyance.

script.-I've cleaned up some of the unused scripts and variables.

Credits to colorgram for providing the original project.

Since the first Windows-version, the Taskbar has been a key element of Microsoft’s operating system.