And every twenty pages the story steps outside for a cigarette so that the author can deliver a short philosophical homily.

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Even if they call to apologize with some sort of an excuse you have to think twice about what you want to do.

Use your judgement about giving them a second chance. But remember the rule, “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me”.

The Master and Margarita offers something for everyone, right up from the age of consent all the way to the advanced post-doctorate level. The Bergin/O'Connor version is what you want, it's unabridged, meticulous and has invaluable endnotes. That is, nearly two hundred years after his tragic death fighting a duel to save the honor of the woman he loved.

Well, not exactly, but close enough for the purposes at hand.

In the example I gave earlier, it was probably a sign that he kept messaging me over and over to make sure I was going but then again he could have just been excited. You can’t be responsible for another person’s actions. You just have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep trying.

Take this anonymous poll and then view the results! Perhaps they met someone else, perhaps they lost their nerve, perhaps they aren’t really who they say they are, perhaps the picture on their profile isn’t really them, perhaps they’re just an asshole who does this for fun, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. I got there a few minutes early and waited, waited and waited some more. We had confirmed the time and the place a couple of times, so I knew I wasn’t mistaken.You make a date and take for granted that the other person will actually show up and on time. Were there any signs that I missed or were they just a lousy human being? I’ve been stood up a few times, I’ve also had to wait for dates too. Regardless of who you ask, every person has a story about being stood up or having to wait an extended period of time. Otherwise, there’s no excuse (unless there’s a blizzard or tornado outside in which case you should have rescheduled). When they didn’t arrive, I tried messaging them and they didn’t answer, but I figured it was because they were driving or stuck in traffic or something.The book has that sexy whiff of the Eastern Bloc to it (very effective on anyone who hasn't been immunized by an actual relationship with an Eastern European), it's full of young people having complex, turgid sex with one another, and since the first sentence of the book mentions 'Nietzsche', it is ipso facto philosophical.