Here is the website: Trans - 4th Avenue Construction Web Cam It's really quite amazing that the government would allow the public to control a webcam over the internet that can zoom into peoples bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.I wonder how much money AZDOT spent installing these robotic cameras. Every hotel on the Pacific side of the Hawaiian Islands have several of those controllable Java cams n their buildings.

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If ever there was a live example of how bad Tucson's city management is, this has to be it!

Leave the Warrens and make your way to Sessions' apartment across from the Luckee Star Motel.

It can be reached through the sewers by exiting through access point E or C, but you must still enter the building via the front door. There are two people inside: Sessions and an armed man who may either be her boyfriend or possibly a bodyguard.

You must sneak past them to place the cameras, and their set path pattern is fairly regular.

Sessions walks back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room, and the man wanders between the bathroom, bedroom, and living room.

Špeciálnu ponuku predstavuje sortiment lesných semenáčikov a sadeníc.

Vo svojej ponuke máme rôzne druhy voľnokorenných a kontajnerovaných rastlín – letničky, trvalky, skalničky, balkónové kvety, bonsaje, lesné, okrasné, úžitkové a ovocné dreviny.

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Wait for the man to walk into the living room, and then place the camera in the bathroom. Place the camera on the night table and wait for the man to go into the bathroom before activating the cameras. When the guard comes back, hide behind the bed again and wait for him to go back to the bathroom, then leave the apartment and return to Imalia.