One of the most powerful ways my husband loves me is by loving my sister.

To be completely honest, my sister and I don’t get along that well. I think Griff and Leanne like each other well enough, though I doubt they would have sought each other out and become friends had not marriage made them siblings-in-law.

Baker attended John Tyler Community College for nursing.

— 2 Samuel 9:7 Many years after his friend Jonathan died, King David reached out to Jonathan’s son Mephibosheth.

On Wednesday nights, when I have church commitments, Griff eats dinner with Leanne and her family. When I am out of town on business, Leanne calls Griff and checks on him.

And though Griff and Leanne do have affection for one another, they make these gestures, I think, less out of affection for one another and more out of love for me.

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