Show up in solidarity to let these White Nationalists know that they and their grifting, lying, racist president are not welcome in The Bay.

That said PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not incite violence.

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The white nationalists uploaded and sent me videos they took of the fight. Watch for yourself: SEKe H— Jack Smith IV (@Jack Smith IV) October 29, 2017A white man in his 30s, dressed in the TWP’s all black uniform, allegedly socked the woman, leading to a cut that produced the blood seen in the video.

The victim of the punch filed a police report, but refused medical treatment, police said.

If they were simply a celebration of the First Amendment why weren’t they happening before Donnie ran for president and exacerbated peoples’ racially based fears?

On August 26th a rally being billed as “Free Speech, Unity and Peace San Francisco” is being put on by Patriot Prayer, a right wing pro-Trump movement whose FB page says it’s about “fighting corruption and big government with the strength and power of love.” Patriot Prayer is run by Joey Gibson who often tells his followers not to be violent and to use love and kindness to turn opposition to their side.

Let me start off by saying that, if it were up to me, there would be zero press about these rallies and zero protesters would show up.

That way it would be a sad group of 200 people chanting “Make America Great Again” at each other and then going home defeated because they weren’t able to get a rise out of us. There’s already plenty of press about this so I want to make sure we dwarf them in numbers so they know their hate speech is not welcome in The Bay.Anyway , she gets weird and says actually , she's into traditional music , and i go k , an change the subject .Few days later , we was were in her room again , and we go on her laptop so she shows me her video game collection on steam , and there are lots of ww2 games on there , and so i said oh you like shooting nazis , and she said not exactly .The cell phone video taken from inside of a restaurant in Brentwood, Tennessee, shows a woman scuffling with neo-Nazi protesters on the streets.She appears to fall back against a window for a moment.We share a lot of interests, and we're both introverts , so neither of us have large friend groups . Anyways we eventualy began talking about music , and i asked her what kind of stuff she was into , and kind of got a bit weird , and she said like oh , im not really into modern music .