As we bid farewell to the Whitest Kids, we are taking some time to chat with each member of the troupe and to get their thoughts on comedy, their favorite moments from the five seasons the series ran on IFC, and the Civil War on Drugs. What was the very first bit or act you ever did on the air, do you remember? That was something that we filmed as a college group — before we had a TV show — but it was on the internet.That was the first and I was the boyfriend of the girl taking the test.

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Date: April 2, 2015Comedy show EVENT TIME pm EVENT LOCATION The University Union Ballroom ADMISSION Free!!!

DESCRIPTIONSacramento State’s The University Union UNIQUE Programs is pleased to announce an evening of comedy by Trevor Moore on Thursday, April 2, 2015 starting pm in The University Union Ballroom.

We kept hearing from people — I don’t even know who — that it would be hard to get studios to make a Civil War comedy. So when we started going into our last season on IFC, we thought, why don’t we do this unrequited project that we always wanted to do? We wrote a script and had to see if it could do it in our limited budget and on our shooting schedule.

We shot close to 13 pages a day, sometimes up to 17 a day, which is crazy. It was really hard work, but we were really into it. Every department just threw themselves into it: make up, wardrobe, props, the DP.

You’re seceding from the Union and starting your own country?

No, we’re doing some mini-films and some other projects and, hopefully, those will be what the group is going to do next.

It was the first time it was shown in front of an audience and there was just applause and laughter and it was great.

I’m glad it’s how we are going to go out of the IFC show. We’re using the Civil War as a template for what we want to do next.

The Whitest Kids U' Know is a sketch comedy troupe that also had a television program of the same name.