As far as her personal life is concerned, she lives in Los Angeles, California.

She has never been married and has not had children yet.

So far, Aaron has kept quiet about his relationship with his family, though his silence has also been noteworthy.

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Who is aaron rodgers dating erin andrews video

Check out these photos of the two presenting at the ESPYs together.

Erin Jill Andrews Anho, Miss Jill, EA Sports, EA Taurus Lewiston, Maine, U. Erin studied from Bloomingdale High School in Valrico, Florida. Subsequently, Andrews attended the University of Florida to complete Bachelor of Arts in Telecommunications in 2000.

She worked as a studio host and reporter and began working for ESPN on April 2004 as a reporter.

She covered the ESPN College Football Saturday Primetime as well as the Major League Baseball.

Andrews schooling was done from the Bloomingdale High School situated in Valrico, Florida while she also attended the National Honor Society there.

She also attended the Brandon School of Dance Arts situated in Seffner, Florida.

"Me and Jordan never really fought, but Aaron and I got after it," Luke admitted in an interview with NBC, explaining that he and Aaron were much closer in age as opposed to Jordan and him. My brother is probably one of the most competitive people I know other than myself. "Because early in his NFL career, I'd see something and I'd call him, like, 'Well, you didn't tell me,' and he'd be like, 'Mom, don't believe any of that stuff.

We just all kind of have this competitive streak." "Every interview they ask, 'Is he dating a swimsuit model, or the country western singer, or the news analyst? It's just not true.'" Jordan and Aaron's relationship got even more complicated in May, when Jordan was accused of cheating and wanting fame by trainer Brittany Farrar -- who's also very close friends with Olivia.

"Me and Aaron don't really have that much of a relationship," Jordan, 27, acknowledged to this season's bachelorette, Jo Jo Fletcher.

"It's just kind of the way he's chosen to do life, and I chose to stay close with my family and my parents and my brother." Tellingly, Jordan's Instagram doesn't have any photos of Aaron, though there are plenty of photos with his and Aaron's older brother, Luke, and their parents, Ed and Darla.

If you hate them…at least you know they have one admirable quality.