I’d always been interested in filmmaking so figured I’d try it out.

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He also studied at the Institut d études politiques de Grenoble in France, and has received several grants, including a USA Rockefeller Foundation Fellowship, the John H. At 22, I had a good year and went to live in Japan, had a couple of magazine articles and stuff.

Johnson Film Award / Princess Grace Foundation Fellowship, and a Katrin Cartlidge Foundation bursary. But by the time I turned 23, I came back and looked at my friends who were 26, 27, and working as lift operators, and realized I didn’t want to be that.

He has kids talking on top of each other, and he deals with multiple things in the shot: information happening in the background and the foreground. In Schindler’s List there’s that moment where you see the child running through the ghetto in the red coat before she’s killed by the Nazis.

I once had a long debate at film school where people were vehemently against that scene: they felt emotionally manipulated.

I saw it three times in the cinema, but I would go on to see Empire of the Sun, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Schindler’s List when I was in high school.

At film school we watched The Sugarland Express, which was his first full-length feature film.

By the time all sides agreed on a budget, the schedule had been pushed back several times, pushing back Fukunaga’s other commitments.

Meanwhile, TNT needs the series and was ready to go into production.

Spielberg completely changed the way audiences experience cinema and the ride of cinema.