The directors explained the world of the film—sadly, is not about troll dolls in the real world who come to life.It takes place in a separate troll world, where the trolls are perpetually happy and have little wristwatches that tell them when it’s time to hug someone.

And she is soon required in New York to promote her new film.

For nearly 70 years, the Cannes Film Festival has been an exclusive affair for the glamorous jet-setters who are able to afford plane or yacht fare to the French Riviera.

The Dream Works marketing team, it seemed, had a planning meeting in which they wracked their brains for ways in which they could make those squatty plastic dolls chic enough for the Croisette.

The answer was obvious: import statuesque models from London, dress them in colorful gowns and -type wig concoctions, call them trolls, and ask them to walk a red carpet that was laid out on a jetty jutting into the Mediterranean.

The effect was very Marie Antoinette meets David’s Bridal prom collection, by way of hallucination.

We, and many other cynical journalists softened by champagne and “True Colors” and troll proximity, were borderline giddy about the wacky display unfolding before us.

Jessica Biel, for one, has had plenty on her plate.

Not only did she premiered a movie recently, she also opened a children-friendly restaurant called Au Fudge in Los Angeles, and she probably already has a lot going on with her baby son Silas. “Jessica Biel was still basking in the glow of her successful grand opening as she cut a cheerful figure whilst running errands in Beverly Hills on Wednesday,” reports .

We saw a little of both yesterday, with Kendrick’s character first belting out some upbeat pop anthem about overcoming the odds or something, an original song that sounded a lot like Beyoncé’s “Halo,” among other extant hits.