After eight lean years with the Butlers, Frankie Beverly changed directions.

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The sound is distinctive -- passionate, creative, original, soulful, honest and powerful.

For nearly thirty years Frankie Beverly and Maze have created a unique sound and become one of the most influential groups in modern history.

After, Gaye projected his joy at the event onto Hunter. “His sound erased all pain.” At the time, Gaye was estranged from his wife, Anna Gordy, sister of Motown impresario Berry Gordy.

Motown was Gaye’s record label, and both Gordys had played an outsized role in Gaye’s career.

A., which served both as a retrospective of the group's remarkable career to date and a fitting close to the first chapter of the Maze legend.

With a change of record label and shifts in the group's line-up a new era was launched for Frankie Beverly & Maze.

"We've made it this far because we love and respect ourselves and our fans.

But, most importantly, we believe in what we do," remarks Frankie.

The group gained worldwide appeal with its legendary sold-out live appearances, and released the deluxe album Live in New Orleans which captured the energy, excitement and electricity of a Maze stage show and offered a fourth side of new studio material which included the hit single "Running Away".

In 1983, with the release of We Are One, Frankie Beverly & Maze solidified their international standing with such hits as the title track "Never Let You Down", "I Love You Too Much" and "Love is the Key." As the 80's came to a close, the group released Can't Stop the Love and a second in-concert package, Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly Live in L.

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