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What isn't important is how fat I am and my face falling, that I don't have a man in my life, those things magazines waste a lot of time on.”Janeane Garofalo was born on September 28, 1964, in Newton, New Jersey, with her family relocating to Houston, Texas, during her adolescence.

She attended Providence College as an undergrad, majoring in history, and took up comedy as well, winning a Showtime-hosted talent search based in Rhode Island.

But the culture shock in her senior year of high school caused acute depression, and she got fat (5'1", 160 pounds).

After graduation, Garofalo headed off to Providence College in Rhode Island, where she decided to try stand-up comedy, which soon inspired the plump 20-year-old to undergo breast reduction surgery.

Father: Carmine Garofalo (Exxon executive)Mother: Joan (secretary at Conoco-Phillips, d.

colon cancer)Brother: Michael Boyfriend: Barry (1985-87)Boyfriend: Ben Stiller (1990)Husband: Rob Cohen (TV writer-producer, m.

Not only was she instrumental in creating a comedy scene that was not dependent on the rigid expectations of mainstream clubs, creating an atmosphere for comics to take chances, but she also helped redefine what standup comedy could be.

She’s always spoken honestly and intelligently and exposes her heart to the audience in a way that is funny and true.

In 2004, Garofalo began cohosting a daily talk show, The Majority Report, on the liberal Air America Radio network.