Following Rihanna's Oprah interview, in which she expressed her complicated feelings for Brown and the love she will always have for him despite his savage behavior, several people took to social media to ridicule Rihanna for... I think I should get my home phone number on my breast or ankle, because at this age I could get lost!

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Rivers, who has been married twice before, confessed that she wasn’t sure whether or not she enjoyed kissing a woman, but hinted that she’s willing to find out.

Discussing the kiss with her daughter Melissa, Rivers admits: “It’s like the Katy Perry song: I kissed a girl and …

Breast feeding class w/ #Joan Rivers."A further warning: You cannot unsee what you're about to see. Joan Rivers is really cashing in in both departments, and Adele is the innocent bystander caught in the crossfire.

It started following the Oscars when Rivers went on Letterman and thought it would be a good idea to lob a series of tasteless fat jokes Adele's way. Read Full Story Joan Rivers and Heidi Klum (Getty)Joan Rivers isn't exactly known for her gentle comedy style, but a recent joke about Heidi Klum's Oscar night dress has gotten the comedienne into hot water.

She looked like many of the blond, slim New York women-of-a certain-age who lunched at mid-town French restaurants back then, and maybe still do.

And, much to my surprise, she was the opposite of the joking loud-mouth I knew from television.

“Lily Tomlin, who is my very good friend, she and Jane Lynch had a dinner party, and I met this lovely woman.

At this point, all the men I go out with remind me of my father – dead …

Rest in peace."Read Full Story Fegie is just about to become a mom, something she's apparently training for with the help of Joan Rivers.