On Wednesday night Bella and fellow wrestler Lana kicked off the midseason premiere of E!

’s “Total Divas,” a reality show for which she serves as executive producer.

Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for it to be any other way.

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According to Bella, the series has helped shaped the way the WWE is being viewed and celebrated by women.

As a result, they both believe now is one of the best times to be a female wrestler.

“A strong person that I consider an inspiration, an equal. Somebody when she’s down, I can pick her up.”It’s where we met,” she told Today.

“It’s our passion, it’s our life and so, for me, it was kinda like he’s my prince charming and he’s just saying I want her to be my queen at her home and in front of our family.

So when they put her under, I made sure to be the last person to wheel her into the OR, and right at the moment of no return I stopped the doctors and I leaned down and I asked if you can hear me.

She said ‘yes.’ I said ‘well I have one question for you, you know someday I’m going to marry you?

So my mom, who lives in Massachusetts and never travels and hates it… It was perfect.” Cena: “A lot of that stuff is difficult because even the story in the buildup to Wrestle Mania was heavily based on our relationship.

I’ve been in 14 Wrestle Manias and she’s never been to one. And here, me, knowing that I’m going to do this for a year and a half and watching her stay strong and keep her head high through all the comments and all the everything else.

“Recently I had to get MRIs and CT scans and we realized that I have a slight herniation above where I had surgery, which isn’t good, which means I have to take time off and I have to heal.

And hopefully when that heals, if it does, I can get back in the ring,”Life hasn’t slowed down for the bride-to-be.

At the end of last week’s historic cage match between Alexa Bliss and Becky Lynch on Smack Down, the mysterious La Luchadora was revealed to be five-time WWE Women’s Champion and one-time Divas Champion Mickie James.