On New Year’s Day in 2013, Kris Allen and his then-pregnant wife Katy were in a headon collision that left the singer/songwriter/guitarist with a career-threatening shattered wrist.

In the two years that followed, he underwent three surgeries, re-learned how to play guitar (despite regaining just 30 percent movement in the damaged wrist), recorded his third album, and toured relentlessly—including a two-month-long stint that started just one week after his accident.

Adam Lambert spills the beans on a lot of things in his upcoming Rolling Stone cover story, from finally coming out as a gay man, to discussing his psychedelic fungus-fueled revelation about trying out for "American Idol" and his struggles to escape the sometimes dark, twisted Hollywood party scene.

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He then sang a duet with finalist Adam Lambert: "We Are the Champions" by Queen.

Before hitting "American Idol" stage, Kris Allen already released an indie album titled "Brand New Shoes".

He married longtime girlfriend Katy O'Connell Allen in September 2008.

Apparently Kris has been dating Fatmire - who goes by Myla - for the past five months, according to TMZ - meaning their relationship has already lasted longer than his ill-fated 72-day marriages to 31-year-old Kim.

Kris Allen was born June 21, 1985, in Jacksonville, Arkansas.

He had an early interest in music, which stayed with him through college, church involvement, and missionary work in other countries.

Beside joining the orchestra group, Kris was also actively involved in church during his younger years.

He was a worship leader at New Life church in Maumelle, Arkansas, and has traveled around the world, including Burma, Mozambique, Spain, South Africa and Thailand, for missionary work.

They have apparently been seeing each other regularly, meeting at various basketball games where the New Jersey Nets (now called Brooklyn Nets) star provided her and family members with courtside seats.