But she is equally hesitant of being spotted in public with a new beau, because the press would never give her any peace.

She says, "Even if I was in a long-term serious relationship, which I'm nowhere near, would I want to take them to a work event?

But then she bumped into Killa on the set of an MTV show and there was an instant attraction.

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According to The Mirror, the 49-year-old’s Tinder bio reads: “Patsy is a modern girl in a modern world.” “I basically married all of my boyfriends,” she recently told Perez Hilton. “I do believe in love - I choose to believe in love. I definitely don't want to become one of those people.” Kensit married Big Audio Dynamite star Donovan when she was just 21 in 1988 and later married Simple Minds lead singer Kerr in 1992.

“I'm a hopeless romantic and wanted them all to work.” She went on to say that she still ‘believes’ in love, but is reluctant to walk down the aisle for a fifth time. She went on to marry Oasis frontman Gallagher in 1997 but the pair divorced in 2000, after which Kensit tied the knot with Healy in 2009.

This year, he released the single Reveal Your Inner Self, an on attack tabloid journalists.

Nobody else is thought to be involved but Patsy, who has two sons - James, 14, with Kerr and Lennon, seven, with Gallagher - told Killa, who is in his twenties, she needs somebody more her own age who is into the family thing.

A pal explained: "Her sons are everything to Patsy, she's a real family person and she's looking for somebody who can be a father figure in the boys' lives.

Killa was just too young and not dependable enough.The actress, who had been dating the "human beatbox" for over a year, dumped him after telling friends that they no longer had much in common.Patsy, 39 - who has been married to Oasis star Liam Gallagher, Simple Minds singer Jim Kerr and Big Audio Dynamite keyboardist Dan Donovan - began dating Killa, real name Lee Potter, just over a year ago. At the time she couldn't stop gushing about how happy she was and how she'd met the man of her dreams.However things clearly weren't as hunky dory as she likes to make out because she finished with him giving him little reason why.A source close to the mum-of-two revealed: "Patsy didn't see a future in her relationship. "She has strong feelings for him but doesn't see him as part of her life anymore.She decided to finish it before it got any more serious, Patsy is a mum of two while Killa is very much a young guy who isn't ready to take on a family like Patsy's."Scroll down for more...