“There are moments of being curled up in a ball on the floor,” Moore admitted. But I’ve moved on and progressed in the stages of grief and being angry and feeling the loss and all that. And I think I had that mantra moving through the trying times.” Despite those trying times, Moore, who is currently dating musician Taylor Goldsmith, wouldn’t change a thing.

Who is shane west dating now 2016 video

He was the character to me and there was definitely a part of me that absolutely fell in love with him…

I was just so caught up in the moment and the experience.” Mandy divorced from her husband of nearly six years in 201 and hasn’t been dating anyone since.

Loved catching up with ya, @theshanewest and @adamshankman. #awalktoremember #reunion,” Mandy captioned a photo on Instagram.

“Last night after the Super Bowl, I got to see these two wonderful people…..

, which was released in 2002 when they were just 17 and 23, respectively.

The film’s director Adam Shankman also joined in for the reunion and they all posted about their dinner on social media. These 2 gentlemen are still some of the best around.

So Miss Moore can smile her perfect smile and deny that there is nothing more going on, but I call BS. And you know what comes with reunions are fond memories from the past. And time apart is what they needed to realize that they missed each other and that they do belong together.

It’s gonna change eventually by either one of them. Shane is that sensitive rocker bad boy, just like his character in the movie was.

I recently just watched the movie on a Friday night alone in bed, like one traditionally does when they don’t have friends, and this crazy idea dawned on me!