About 10 years ago, she started singing the praises of a North Jersey convenience store chain, and thus met the guy who was then its vice president of marketing: John. And that's not all: “He has the look that I really like.Tall, thin, kind of longish, gray hair.” She pegged him for a rock-and-roll kind of guy even before he told her writing songs and playing guitar were among his passions.Then in 2012, John bought an 1852 farmhouse in Upper Black Eddy, Bucks County, and sent Shelli many photos.

“I was thinking to myself, 'If it doesn't happen, it doesn't mean he doesn't love you. When she married again, she had a child and thought in 1980 that marrying was the only option. The waiting hadn't prepared Shelli for how his actual proposal would feel. Jim said he always thought officiants had magical powers to marry people, but officiating made him realize there was no magic power to it -- the magic was in the couple finding each other.

With John, “I just really wanted to marry him, and the fact that I was waiting for a proposal was driving me a little crazy! The wedding was not only photographed, but sketched -- by friend of the couple and courtroom artist Elizabeth Williams.

She told John her selection was poofy at the bottom, and he looked concerned.

She showed him pictures of other dresses in a similar style, and he said it was up to her, but if she really wanted his opinion, he preferred something a little more fitted.

Each of the couple's four children gave a reception speech.

“All of them said things you wouldn't normally get to hear except at your own funeral,” Shelli said. “When I walked down the stairs to the aisle, all I saw was John's face,” Shelli said.

John walked Shelli to the 34th Street subway entrance, where they had their first kiss.

John and Shelli had two previous marriages -- short first ones when they were very young, and longer second ones.

John knew that's where Shelli lived, but he misunderstood her intent.

“I thought she was just being nice to a client.” At subsequent meetings and via email, both were a bit flirtatious, but so mildly that the other was never really certain of it.

She went back to the shopping board, and found a different one at one-fifth the price.