Since they've corrupted WMP, uninstalling them won't even fix it.

* If you have an n Vidia card, upgrade your video card drivers from the n Vidia site.

* If you have a Creative Audigy 2 sound card, you may be getting an error trying to play your files.

* To start the player in Now Playing, update your WMP shortcut to be "/Task: Now Playing" * The white corner dots that can appear aren't removable - either switch to Classic Menus or resize the player (which only fixes it until player restart). * You can uninstall the WMP11 through the Add/Remove Programs control panel.

If you have run old versions of CCleaner (they have fixed this in current builds), those will destroy WMP's ability to uninstall.

* Vista-only: If your sound card is crackling or having audio glitching (especially towards the end of tracks!

), right-click on the Speaker icon in the system tray, select Playback Devices, right-click Speakers in that new dialog, go to Properties, then go to Enhancements - choose "Disable All Enhancements" and you should be fixed up.

* Satellite TVfor PC 2006 randomly installs their own version of

This will cause you to crash - or WMP simply won't start at all.

To fix this issue, either switch to use Stereo instead of 5.1 or turn off the audio enhancements for the card.

* If your Dell Vostro doesn't produce audio, install the Sigmatel Hi-Definition Audio Codec.

(The default drivers cannot talk to the proprietary amp on that system.) * Don't have "c:\users\me" monitored.