The first demonstration of mechanical sheep shearing in the USA was at the offices of the American Sheep Breeder magazine in Chicago, on Wednesday June 18th 1890 using Wolseley equipment.The Argentina Shearing Machine made by Ward & Payne in the UK was demonstrated in Wyoming in 1893, there were no further attempts to introduce shearing machinery into that country until William Cooper & Nephews became the Wolseley agent in the USA in 1895.

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In 1894 the CFS Co were compelled to find new and larger quarters. 1896 In early spring the Wolseley shearing machinery was installed at Soda Springs, Idaho with the Wolseley factory in England sending an engineer to install the shearing machinery.

They were now located in a new fire proof, six story and basement steel constructed building at ? I have a copy of an 1896 CFS Co catalogue for clipping machines all testimonials date from 1895.

1848 - Richard Powell Cooper born, his father Henry (b 1820) was the young brother of Wm Cooper.

The latter arranged for Richard and his older brother William to go to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and they qualified in 18 respectively. Clark were born in New Hampshire in 1870, it is said that they first worked for J. Priest in Nashua, New Hampshire, the maker of horse clipping machinery.

Further details and timelines for the Companies involved are dealt with in detail below, including product such a shearing machines and equipment and stationary engines. Used with permission - Please contact the author on the link below if you wish to reproduce any or all of this history information and explain your case.

Contact Information Email: [email protected](Ron maintains the Cooper and Villiers engine registers, and would especially like to hear from anyone with engines not already registered) If anyone else out there would like to contribute information or pictures about Cooper, Sunbeam and allied companies please make contact on the link below Type K 2hp @ 550 rpm, S/N KA163378. This is most likely one of the last engines with the type shown separately from the serial number.

Shearing machinery made by the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company was sold under the “Stewart” brand name, in Australia & New Zealand it was sold under the “Cooper” brand name.

This is a fascinating and complex history of three companies and how they are connected.

It has not been possible to stick to these dates because I feel that it is impossible to understand that origins of the company founded by William Cooper that started producing his sheep dip in 1843 and its growth in the second half of the 1800’s due to the nephews. in the 1890’s, sets the scene for William Cooper & Nephews involvement in the sale of shearing machinery in the USA in 1895 The first commercial mechanical shearing machinery was sold and installed by Wolseley in 1888.