It’s legal for your manager to tell your coworker that she plans to write you up.

It’s legal to not hire someone because you dislike their relatives. It’s legal to have a policy against rehiring anyone.

It’s legal to hire your cousin over a more qualified unrelated candidate. It’s legal to fire someone who has cancer (just not because of the cancer). It’s legal to still terminate someone who hands in a resignation and then changes her mind. It’s legal to require overtime (as long as it’s paid properly).

It’s legal for your company not to let you take home the employee handbook.

It’s legal for your company to ban fish from being cooked in the office microwave.

Then he makes the mistake of goading the now angry shopper: 'You could record me all you want.'The heated and expletive laden exchange continues when Swanson-Peck says he needs her to come to his office.

'I'm going, and don't you think I'm a fucking criminal cause I'm not,' Lescarbeau says.

It’s legal for your employer to reveal your salary to your coworkers.

It’s legal for your company owner to hold his or her spouse, who works there, to different standards than everyone else is held to.

It’s legal for your coworker to refuse to speak to you.

It’s legal for your employer to designate one of the office bathrooms as being for guests only.

A woman shopping in Minnesota was stopped and accused of shoplifting by Walmart loss prevention as she was exiting the store. Gina Lescarbeau, 45, pulled out her phone and decided to Facebook Live the exchange with the employees at the Burnsville Walmart location.