The research shows that small changes in the ratio of mutant ...

A scientific team has expanded next-generation sequencing to create an off-the-shelf tool that does simultaneous whole-exome analysis of both nuclear and mitochondrial DNA.

Bone fragments were found in the summer of 2007, not far from the original discovery site, about 900 miles east of Moscow, but had been badly damaged by not only time and natural decomposition, but also by acid and fire, as the murderers apparently sought to fully destroy the bodies and evidence of the murder.

Subtle changes in mitochondrial function may cause a broad range of common metabolic and degenerative diseases, new research demonstrates.

"The newly found bone fragments were fragile and difficult to work with, but we were able to extract enough uncontaminated genetic material to conduct the tests.

Thus we were able to test the genetic connections through both maternal and paternal lineages," said Rogaev.

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His bloodstained shirt was recently discovered in the museum.] "The bloodstain DNA profile for all DNA systems matched with that of the bone fragment DNA profiles, and so we could conclude the identity of the putative remains of Nicholas II with a great degree of confidence.

The analysis of Y- chromosome markers demonstrated further the link between the bone fragment of putative Alexei to his father Tsar Nicholas II and the distant paternal relatives which must have inherited the same Y-chromosome markers from their common Imperial ancestor." While DNA is present inside the nucleus of every cell of the body, mitochondrial DNA is distinct from nuclear DNA in that it possesses its own genome that exists outside of the cell nucleus.

Their bodies were transported to a forest and were badly damaged in an attempt to eliminate evidence of this crime," said Rogaev, who used as little as possible of the bone fragments in order to preserve the remains for proper burial.