It made me a little scared to come home late at night when I was all alone. I decided to move in August and by October I was living and working in the US. I used Pickfords, the most amazing moving company in the UK, their US equivalent is called Allied.I truly battled over this decision and with the economic downturn, I decided that if I ever wanted to try and move back to the states that this was the time to try. I arranged for sea freight and they packed up everything and started the move one month before I actually left the UK.

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However, it requires rabies injections and clearances 6 months prior to moving, so be prepared.

Now that you have moved back what do you miss about the UK, if anything? I never thought that moving back to the USA would feel like moving to a new country, but I was learning things that I had forgotten and it wasn’t as easy as I thought.

On one hand I would be working in a similar field, but on the other hand it was back to working 5 days a week.

Saying ‘yes’ would meant that I was going to leave a career that I had built to return to my family and have a wonderful support system and spend holidays with them.

However, I was thousands of miles away from my own family and felt a little lonely.

In the Spring of 2008 I was offered a job that was located near where I grew up in America and I battled over making a decision to move or not.

His professional career began almost a decade ago in the film and television industry, where he has been an Offline Editor for more than a dozen different animated television shows, including the award-winning Atomic Betty.

He is also the director and editor of Return to Antarctica, a documentary detailing the final days of Robert Falcon Scott’s doomed 1910 Polar Expedition as seen through the eyes of Canadian Charles Seymour Wright.

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