More » Make Your Intuition Work For You With Men Your instinct is your ally.It is a magical talent that can easily be tapped into.Instead go for a mix such as ‘Articulate’, ‘Energetic’, ‘Creative’ and ‘Spontaneous’. We’ve provided you with multiple choices, but don’t make yourself seem one-dimensional.

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They see being out of synch with you as something that is repairable and they make the effort to do it.

He then shares wise insight on how to IMMEDIATELY meet, attract, date and get close with a great guy.

Stating what you’re truly grateful for shows your matches the real you – which is why putting something like ‘Making lots of money’ will make you look a bit shallow.

Instead, look at this a different way and put something like ‘Having a great career that lets me give back to the world, and explore my love of travelling’. Avoid clichés here and don’t just list the adjectives that put you in a positive light.

However, please note that you need all three of these below. The thing about chemistry is either you've got it or you don't.

Be careful that you don't waste time trying to create chemistry where there isn't any.

helps you scrutinize your ex "A strong connection does NOT necessarily equal interest in a relationship," says C. More » Ten Mistakes You Probably Make With Men – And What to Do About It Christian Carter gets honest with the top ten reasons women keep themselves from the love of their dreams.

Learn if your ex will honestly make YOU happy and get tools to make sure you get what you need.

If you want to live in a foreign country and he doesn't, you're incompatible. This means that you can talk to each other, the conversation doesn't end, you can negotiate, and make and keep agreements.

The important thing to note here is that no matter how much chemistry you have, if you're not compatible and you can't come to an agreement, it's not going to work because in the long run, compatibility beats chemistry every time. Now, you have the three C's: Chemistry, Compatibility, and Communication. This is great news and the start of something special.

Let Christian Carter show you how to use it to know what's inside a man's heart and how to use your beliefs to get positive results.