After quality views are counted, view count updates more frequently.The process of including all quality views can take some time depending on a video's popularity and viewership.I have a school project, and I have to get a minimum number of views for a video on youtube, but it's been stuck on 301 views for a day.

Thus, if you currently have a video embedded on your business' website, it may be better to provide a link to the video within the You Tube player instead. This verification process may take several hours or several days – but should update when You Tube has verified the actual count. Contact You Tube if you continue to have what you think is an inaccurate view count after a few days.

Visit the "Current Site Issues" Web page (full link in Resources), click "Other Issues" and then click "The viewcount on my video is frozen around 300 views. " From there, click "Report this issue." This action will provide a form through which you can explain your issue.

If a user sees that thousands of other people have watched the video, they may be encouraged to also watch the video, since it may be perceived as more "popular." If you're using You Tube to promote products or services on your business, that count can affect the number of people purchasing your goods and services – thus, a low view count can affect your bottom line.

However, You Tube's process for calculating view counts can sometimes be delayed, resulting in an inaccurate view count. In some cases, clicking the "Refresh" button – which looks like a circled arrow in many browsers – will update the number of views the video has gotten since you first loaded the page. Encourage customers, co-workers, associates and family members to watch the video.

Thus anything which "deviates" from those norms is considered suspicious.

(I'm pretty sure that You Tube probably has an equivalent formula for "comments", but I do not know what those minimums/maximums might be).Vulcan holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and journalism from the University of Minnesota.She's also a lifelong athlete and is pursuing certification as a personal trainer.In other words, if before all this you were only getting 5 views a day, how can it be that all of a sudden you're getting 300 if your total subscribers has not gone up significantly?All this helps to explain why your views are "stuck" at 301 while the person who uploaded Susan Boyle and "Britain's Got Talent" had over 20,000,000 after just a couple weeks: -- those numbers were not derived from "bots", -- people watched for more than 30 seconds, -- the ratings are not "disproportionate" at all, -- tons of computers have watched this video, -- nobody re-clicked after only a few seconds, -- there's no way that Susan Boyle had that many "friends" on You Tube before she became famous, all of them trying to inflate the views of some unknown person's video.There is a question mark and it says that for popular videos, the view count is updated every few hours. First of all, I hope you're aware that You Tube has radically changed the way it counts "views".