When someone speaks to you in their native tongue, something in your brain happens where you are instantly intrigued by what that person has to say.

Maybe this is an innate human quality (thank goodness!

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Someone who believes time off is just as important as time working? Every Croatian guy I know is a master at the grill. You can put a Croatian anywhere and they will have a good time. Imagine walking the beautiful stone streets of Zadar or touching the ancient walls of Dubrovnik.

Say goodbye to the hustle-and-bustle-see-you-only-on-the-weekends relationships. And, most Croatian girls I know can make anything under the sun. It’s a well-known fact our culinary palates are extraordinary. We are the best conversationalists I have ever encountered. The romance engulfs you simply with every step you take in Croatia.

Even powerhouse chefs and authorities in the world of fabulous food such as Anthony Bourdain have been intoxicated with their love for Croatian cuisine. Some people go to camp, we go visit in their seaside villages. Best part: you get a cool new stamp on your passport every time you visit.

No matter what Croatian you date, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you have a free summer home to stay at whenever you want. Croatians are easy to fall in love with –accents, culture, looks, soccer, romantic buildings, food, wine… Spring has finally arrived, and love is literally in the air.

The significance of establishing the Teacher Training School lies in the purpose of that programme of study which was to prepare teachers for work in higher grades of primary school, train experts for other educational work and not merely for in initial grades of primary school.

In 1941, the school obtained status and a new name – Teacher Training College, which operated until 1945.

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) to help bring the cultures of the world together.

Or, it’s just another way to thank Mother Nature for being sexy at times. No matter what, it will either get you in the mood or out of an argument at all times.

The Faculty of Teacher Education, the successor of the Teacher Training College in Zagreb, Teacher Training College, Three-year Teacher Training College, Teacher’s Academy, Faculty of Philosophy – Educational Sciences, and the Teacher Education Academy, as a constituent of the University of Zagreb was established under that name on February 2, 2006.